Reconnective Healing

A simple and powerful way to heal


One of the most exciting aspects of Reconnective Healing is that it doesn’t behave like any energy healing modality, technique, or therapy. Instead, Reconnective Healing acts like nothing else we know in healthcare and healing and even science!


It requires no techniques, rituals, or steps to master or follow when accessing. Energy is not sent: the practitioner functions as a catalyst, not a conduit. Energy is not directed to any specific area or intended to a specific result. The effects/strength seem to increase with distance from the facilitator. It’s the entire bandwidth, not a subset of energy, that is accessed with every interaction. A conduit allows for energy to be channeled through them. However, without becoming a channel themselves, a catalyst provides the spark needed for the  connection between the person receiving the healing and the Reconnective Healing frequencies.

As more scientists research RH, it has shown that with every interaction, an entrainment – what may have once been called the alignment or attunement – occurs between the person receiving the healing and the practitioner facilitating the healing. Entrainment happens when a dominant high vibration incites lower vibrations to raise their vibratory speed to match the dominant one. For example, in Reconnective Healing, the molecules of someone who is vibrating slower than the practitioner automatically increase their speed and reach the higher vibrational frequency of the RH practitioner. This entrainment is how the connection first occurs.

The healing / experience itself happens via what Quantum Science can only describe as quantum entanglement. Entanglement is a type of synchronization between two molecules separated by time and space and through which they exchange information instantaneously.

Physicist and Professor Emeritus at Stanford University Dr. William Tiller, Department of Material Science and Engineering,  who’s studied RH in-depth, concluded that entanglement was taking place between those interacting with the Reconnective Healing frequencies of Energy, Light & Information through a healing/experience and what he called a “reciprocal space”. This reciprocal space, or universe, seems to contain information that Reconnective Healing can easily access. You could say that this reciprocal space holds master blueprints for each of us, with all our possibilities and potential.

Reconnective Healing by Alternative Health Practice