Alternative Health Practice

Alternative Health Practices is an endeavor of combining alternative forms of prevention and treatment.

It is a practice of alternative forms of human health management. The operation began in March 2008, the aim of promoting a different way of looking at the issue of health, through the Psychosomatic, prevention and the combination of alternative methods of treatment. Our main tools are the practice of homeopathic medicine, counseling – Psychotherapy, energy Treatments and education.

Philosophy is based on the belief that our health is our responsibility and choice elements of our approach to the Issue of health: Medicine is the scientific discipline that seeks, first of all to study the relationship of and social phenomena with the physiological and pathological /biological functions, and secondly, to promote the holistic (biopsychosocial) approach to tackling the diseases (Lipowski, 1984) the humanitarian approach, man is born good and healthy. The human body has inherent skills development and maturation, which exist regardless of the environment. Nevertheless, the can enhance, modify or suppress these features. So, through difficult living conditions, reaction ways can develop in a physical, psychological and social level, equivalent with. Our purpose is not to exile the disease from our lives, but to develop ways to understand through this.

The person is regarded as a unique entity: each feature has to be seen in dynamic relationship with all attributes and cannot be studied essentially isolated. The concept of Self is a tendency for growth towards fullness and is the main human characteristic. However, the activation of our human resource needs personal courage and willpower.

This is where our Center aims to help by promoting both knowledge of fundamental issues of physical and mental health, and alternative procedures for strengthening of the inherent human capabilities of self-regulation.

According to the energy model of looking at the Cosmos, everything is Energy. The material and the physical body are simply areas of more condense energy, that are brought to our attention through our five senses. Our physical body is surrounded by our energy body, which consists of layers of energy that become more subtle further from the physical body. The stimuli from the outside world causes a change in our energy body and then, if we are unable to process this change to our benefit, then the disorder progresses in our physical body and causes physical symptoms.

Energy therapies have an effect on our energy body and help it process any disorder has suffered. This way the physical symptoms will subside too.

Scientifically responsible is Marianthi Metallinou, Nuclear Physician MD, specialized in Homeopathy, a member of the LIGA Medicorum Homeopatica Internationalis, with a degree on Pedagogical Education, Msc. Social Clinical Psychology of Addiction and specialized in Non-Directive Influence (NDI), Psychotherapy and Group Therapy.