Cosmic Energy Healing

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Cosmic energy healing therapy is an energy healing method, still relatively unknown in the Western world. Its origin comes from the monasteries of Tibet, where it has been known and practiced from centuries ago. The Russians discovered it during Stalin’s rule, and carried it to their labs, where they developed it on a scientific basis, with experiments, research and evidence that have been published in scientific journals. Cosmic Energy Healing Therapy and Psychology is taught as a formal course at the University of Moscow and is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). Doctor Emil Bagirov, who is also Dean of the Moscow University, offers treatments, seminars and lectures all over the world.

As an energy treatment, it approaches human body holistically as an energy entity. This is a method which treats man as a whole, in the three levels it consists of: body, soul and mind. Energetically, the health and ‘destiny’ of man are interlinked, so when one’s health starts to improve and evolve energetically, one’s life becomes more harmonious in all sectors (business, family, friends, partners, finances etc.) This is the main difference of all energy healing systems from Western medicine, which treats the human body mechanically, by assigning the symptoms and diseases in systems (gastrointestinal, respiratory, Musculoskeletal etc.) without seeing them as manifestations of a more general dysfunction of the whole organism.

What cosmic energy healing can help us with?

It harmonizes our physical, psycho-emotional and mental function, creating a sense of well-being and inner peace.

It cleans our energy body (aura) from harmful influences (negative emotions, evil thoughts etc.) and blockages, thus giving greater protection to the body from external influences. It restores proper operation of energy centres (chakras), releasing blockages and harmonising the energy flow throughout the body.

It relieves the physical body from unpleasant symptoms (all systems), improves the course of any existing disorder and quality of life (depending on the case and stage).

It helps in removing phobias, anxiety, insomnia, depression, melancholy, panic attacks and restoring the balance of our psycho-emotional function. It boosts our energy field and energy potential, resulting in the rise of creativity and greater successes in our goals, in all sectors (work, family, finances, companionship etc.).

It helps to cut energetic ties to relationships that have ended (e.g. after death, separation etc.)

It helps the improvement of memory and the emergence of special capacities and talent.

It energetically clears buildings and spaces from old remaining energies, thus protecting against negative influences and creating a pleasant environment.

It harmonizes our relationships with others (personal, professional, family) and helps the attraction of positive energies in the environment.

This quantum method has the capacity to purify and balance the electromagnetic field that surrounds a human, with a natural consequence to be a continuous ‘Protector’ of the etheric and physical body.

How it is practiced

Cosmic energy healing is a simple, enjoyable and painless, no-medicine treatment method. Like all energy healing methods it is holistic and deals only with the energetic human body. This is where all information that composes the physical body, the mind and the soul is stored, and so are any causes for anything physical or spiritual. The Cosmoenergetic therapist is called to coordinate and direct strong energy vibrations (channels of cosmic energy) to the patient, where it is necessary in the energy body, with the purpose of cleaning and purifying. The beneficial effect of cosmic energy is immediately observed on the psychic world and the physical body. One course of treatments needs 12 sessions to complete. 2-3 visits a week are recommended, so the course is completed in 1 ½ month.

After a course, a pause for about 1 month follows, for those wishing to attend a second course. The first 3 sessions for someone who is going to experience the method for the first time are done without the therapist using their hands (no contact). This is to achieve a gradual and smooth boost and balancing of the energy field. From the 4th sessions both the chakras and organs of the body where it is necessary, are worked on with the touch of hands. The session lasts 1 hour, the patient stands upright in a relaxed position with closed eyes, while there is always a chair behind them, to use if tired.

At the end, we discuss the experience of the session/treatment.

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