Holistic Approach – Anxiety

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Anxiety or Stress, is the word we use to describe a feeling that we experience as a psychophysiological intensity and is the result of our interaction with the environment.

Hans Seyle, a pioneer in research on stress, defined it as “the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change”. The same researcher, does not consider it neither good nor evil, but as an essential stimulus for the motivation of man. Stress, in small, reasonable doses, is motivational and therefore creative. In large or excessive doses, it can have a negative effect and become a barrier to the creative activity of man.

Signs and symptoms of anxiety.

These can be physical, psychological or social, depending on the resistance threshold of each human and how they react to the experience of anxiety.

Somatic anxiety is manifested in various ways, causing the so-called psychosomatic symptoms (such as headaches, gastrointestinal discomfort, heaviness or pains in the chest, shortness of breath and chronic fatigue syndrome). These come from the continuous hyperfunction of the sympathetic nervous system, generated by the functions that prepare the body to deal with an attack or flee an attack. It is possible to manage these reaction with special relaxation techniques.

The psychological manifestations of stress can affect our mental health too, with unpleasant effects, such as irritability or emotional sensitivity, depression or indifference, apathy or anhedonia. The Burnout Syndrome is common among professionals who undergo the long-term effects of stressful factors, such as doctors, nurses, etc. developing apathy and cynicism towards the difficult cases they face daily.

The social manifestations of stress are directly related to the psychological and affect our daily lives directly or indirectly. Interpersonal relationships become difficult, fights often appear, violence and criminal activity but also withdrawal, isolation, suspicion, addiction to substances, even suicide.

Finally, intense anxiety can appear in the form of panic attacks, with physical symptoms such as dizziness, rapid pulse, shortness of breath, cold sweating, shaking of the limbs. Panic attacks are usually accompanied by intense feeling that an irreversible damage to the body is coming, such as stroke, heart attack or death.

Homeopathy can immediately help in reducing anxiety and symptoms of it, enabling a more relaxed approach to the difficulties of daily life. Energy therapies, such as cosmic energy healing and Body Mirror, can also help to reduce stress and acquire a sense of well-being.

However the full and permanent management of anxiety and panic attacks can only be done with simultaneous Self Awareness (psychotherapeutic) work, so as to identify the root causes of stress and to break the established “patterns of life ‘. By changing our way of thinking, we are changing our lives. The combination of psychospiritual therapy with energy therapies shortens the duration of treatment.

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