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Until the beginning of the 20th century, the world was plagued by infectious diseases, from which many people died. Due to the lack of sanitary infrastructure, human communities very easily became prey to epidemics taking many lives, especially from the weaker social classes, who had a lower standard of living. This is still the case even today in “third world” countries, where there are no proper sanitary conditions.

With the rise of living standards and in particular with the installation of water networks and sanitation infrastructure, infectious diseases were restricted in frequency and intensity. It seemed as if the discovery of germs and antibiotics was the reason behind the restriction of epidemics, but it had already emerged from the improvement of urban infrastructure.  During the 20th century large was the blossoming of pharmacotherapy. The Western Medicine and Pharmacology believed that they could control all human diseases, body and soul with medicine-chemistry. Drugs then started to be produced by pharmaceutical companies and promoted as medications for anything outside of the established view of the ‘normal ‘, both on a physical and psychological level.

A symptom treated by conventional medicine, is seen as a deviation from the “normal” and therefore persecuted and attacked by every possible chemical means (see: drugs). In energy healing, a symptom is an attempt by the Organism to highlight disorder and at the same time an attempt to “self-medicate”. The immune system is motivated by itself, to cure the ailing structure Eg. joint inflammation, with all the symptoms that follow – swelling, redness, heat, pain-illustrates the excessive liability, either by bad posture or abuse or from accumulated muscle tension in the muscles that hold it etc.

The intervention by chemical means (drugs) catalyses the physiological mechanisms of the human body and causes it to focus on different areas and other ways (what do you mean?)  in order to notify us of a current disorder causes by our own dysfunctional practice. According to energy healing a disorder initially starts on our energy body, which surrounds the physical body and only if the Organism fails to process it on the energy level, then it passes onto the physical body and manifests as a symptom or set of symptoms, i.e. as a condition. If we catalyse (see “cure” with medications) symptoms in the physical body, the disruption in the energy body is not cured (because chemistry does not affect it) but is simply transferred to another area of the physical body. The purpose of energy healing, then, is to strengthen the organism energetically, so it can process any disorder in the energy of the body on its own, and thus be cured of the ailment on the physical body.

That is the energetic boost of the immune system, the natural way of self-healing that exists in every Organism. It can be achieved by homeopathy and other energy therapies without side effects and by simultaneous holistic approach of the existing problems of the Organism.

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