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The main feature of homeopathy is the holistic approach. It understands the human body as a set of three layers: the physical body, the emotion and the mind, which are constantly interacting with each other. For this reason, there are no specializations in homeopathy as there are in conventional medicine.

Our body, therefore, affects and is affected by our feelings and thoughts, immediately and crucially. Any difficulty we face in our lives, our organism tries to process and administer as a whole and never in individual sections. If the three levels of the human organism are not developed, nurished and exercised equally, then some of them are forced to take on the work of other levels too. So, some difficulties, which we cannot afford to handle on the psychological level, we transfer to our physical body, we ‘somatize’ them. 

According to the homeopathic approach, the symptom is a red warning light which illuminates our system to inform us that we are doing something wrong. Some attitudes or reactions are not well functioning. If we ignore this light and the message it carries and we continue to react the same way, then the problem will be transferred to the deeper layers of the body and to major organs. For all these reasons, in homeopathy we are always looking for the root cause, which caused the symptoms and we prescribe taking into account the three levels of the human organism. The homeopathic approach is, therefore, individualized and depends on the certain circumstances of the patient’s life. So the history obtained from the physician needs to be comprehensive, holistic and to include information from all levels of the organism. Homeopathic medicines are described as ‘remedies’ and do not have physicochemical properties. 

Derived from natural substances, namely by animals, plants or minerals and manufactured with special mechanical processing, so that the energy of the primary substance is transported in the vehicle (water molecules), without not even one molecule of the original substance remaining in the final remedy. Thus, the homeopathic remedies have no side effects. Only in the first week of taking a new remedy, some initial worsening of existing symptoms may be observed, followed by a gradual and steady improvement.

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