Energy Self-Awareness

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Energy SelfAwareness is the process through which we can learn the Anatomy (structure) and Physiology (function) of our energy field, the relations and interactions of our own energy field with any other Systemic Field, with which we commit and also our relation to the Universal Energy Field. We also learn the possibilities that are developed through this knowledge and its correlations with our everyday experience. Energy Self-Awareness gives us new possibilities to manage our reality, through  a different way of regard of life.

Through the recognition of our personal Truth and the undertaking of our personal Responsibility, the inevitable results of Maturation and Intellectual Development arise, the perception of Unit of All and Delivery of self in Universal Energy Flow As resulting from these Intellectual energy changes, an internal calm and Dynamic Peacefulness come, allowing us to experience the entire Spectrum of human Sentiments, without tottering between utmost of this spectrum. We thus avoid any extreme psycho-damaging  and energy-consuming process, that may lead us to any kind of adherence or dependence and to the Illness (loss of our energy).

With the term “Energy” we refer to the infinitely small (hypo-atomic) particles  by which the matter is consisted and  the quality of which, changes form and from mass is changed in wave.

These very small parcels of energy (quanta) constitute the base of each expressed element in the material field, in which we live and with these parcels also Quantum-physics deal during the last 50 years Spirit as vital energy is more subtle in quality and it concerns worlds, that are not still touched by human science.

Energy Self-Awareness is a fundamental path for the exploration of Spiritual element, beyond the Theological fields. Because Spirituality is an innate element of human Existence and it’s much bigger and wider than the religions, including all their versions and moreover a lot of other expressions of Spirit in the Human World There are certain common elements between the various definitions of spirituality and these are: the feeling of some meaning and aim in the life, the union between the Self and the World that surrounds us and with a superior Power, as well as the faith in a Power that connects everything.

Energy Self-Awareness helps us to recognise that this superior Power exists within us and is part of our Personal Existence. Also it helps us to approach our inside Spiritual part, to explore it and connect with it, thus lending Meaning in the Existence and feeling of Union and Well-being.

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