a/a Dates Subject – Title   1. 24-29/6 Co-dependence through the 5 fundamental wounds of the Human Existence and the Energo-informational Flows of Cosmic Energy Healing 2. 15-19/7 Anger, Limits & Self-Confidence: Energy Harmonization Through the Energo-informational Flows of Cosmic Energy Healing 3. 22-27/7 Fear: The Foundation of Captivity Through the Heart Math Institute Techniques … Read more

Energy Self-Awareness

Energy SelfAwareness is the process through which we can learn the Anatomy (structure) and Physiology (function) of our energy field, the relations and interactions of our own energy field with any other Systemic Field, with which we commit and also our relation to the Universal Energy Field. We also learn the possibilities that are developed … Read more

Cosmic Energetics of the Scientific and Practical Trend

Cosmic Energy Healing is a method of formation and employment of energo-informational flows (EIFs). The method’s goal is the healing and self-development of men and whole nature. It represents itself today as: It’s world outlook, in the background of which lies the principle of Unity and Indivisibility of Man, Nature and Cosmos, the primitive essence of which … Read more

Cosmic Energy Healing

Cosmic energy healing therapy is an energy healing method, still relatively unknown in the Western world. Its origin comes from the monasteries of Tibet, where it has been known and practiced from centuries ago. The Russians discovered it during Stalin’s rule, and carried it to their labs, where they developed it on a scientific basis, … Read more


The main feature of homeopathy is the holistic approach. It understands the human body as a set of three layers: the physical body, the emotion and the mind, which are constantly interacting with each other. For this reason, there are no specializations in homeopathy as there are in conventional medicine. Our body, therefore, affects and … Read more

Psycho Spiritual Healing: The Holistic Approach of Psychotherapy

Etymological analysis of Psychotherapy: From the Greek word ‘soul’ (noun ‘psychi’, verb ‘psychein’, ie. ‘pneo’) which literally means ‘breathe’, it is the sign of life in the body which manifests itself through breathing. However, since ancient times the term was used to signify much more, particularly in terms of the cognitive functions of man and … Read more